About Our School

About Little Flower School

Quality Education, smaller student-teacher ratio and individual attention
came to define Little Flower School and gave it the impetus to grow.

History – Little Flower School

The school is established in 2012 with permanent structure in the Rural area in Kolimigundla Village and Mandal, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. The school administration is skillfully managed and provides a strategic vision. The team works closely with the principal and teachers to fulfill the mission of Dr. D. Chandra Sekhara naidu is the motto at Little Flower School where every student is equally important and personal attention is given to every student. Practice of mass education is not considered, quality is our standard.

Quality Education, smaller student-teacher ratio and individual attention came to define Little Flower School and gave it the impetus to grow. We are proud of the fact that last eight years with state syllabus, All the students have passed out of our school with flying colors, excellent academic results and are today successful and illustrious citizens of India.

The School currently enrolls students from Nursery to Grade 10 and is one among the eminent new school in Kurnool district, continually striving to provide an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience to children.

Little Flower School nurtures children with quality education under the leadership of Dr. D. Chandra Sekhara Naidu with indomitable strength and courage

Experienced and Trained Teachers

Well Experienced teachers with school board having in-depth understanding of effective and quality teaching. Teachers equip themselves with vital skills and knowledge associated with the needs of modern classrooms by regularly attending trainings, orientation programs, capacity building workshops for their professional development.


CCTV secured campus, with well-equipped and state-of-the-art science labs, smart classrooms, computer labs and library, spacious outdoor play area and convenient bus transport routes.

Our Mission

Developing Rural area students sound education, values and capabilities, make the students to compete with urban students and improve the skills in students to tap and enjoy the ‘Fullness of Life’ and become successful leaders in the emerging economy. Providing peaceful atmosphere to learn and improve the Language skills, computer skills and all.

Our Vision

Empowering Rural students to attain knowledge, skills and abilities that make them able learners to eradicate poverty in their families in this Rural area and to contribute towards building better nation by practicing honesty, integrity, cooperation, forgiveness and excellence.

Our Aim

Impart the best quality education that supports personal development, social responsibility and a realization of self-worth. Encourage a “can do” attitude and inspire each one to attain heights of success besides being deeply rooted to the values. Innovations in teaching-learning methods so that students learn through experience.


A child’s complete development is essentially a combined effort of both parents and the school. Parents are the most important pillars of the school as we believe they are their first teachers. We emphasise on this partnership by encouraging involvement of the parents through “Open- House Meeting” conducted every month. Besides discussions on student’s performance in class, these meetings also work as a platform to discuss and understand parents or child’s personal challenges and difficulties being faced at home, which could impact their child’s education.

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