Our school

The School was established on 14 th November 1998 by Mrs Indira Sinha with the aim to nurture the innate potential of the students and mould them into passionate,committed, competent, sensitive, value based individuals with leadership qualities. Personal attention is given to each individual student. A team of highly motivated anddedicated teachers, plays an important role in shaping the career of the children.

We impart education which aims at the flowering of the child’s physical, emotional, mentaland spiritual personality. It is the progressive widening of consciousness which helps thechild to manifest that within him, which is uniquely his, leading to an increasing satisfactionand success in individual living as also collective living, socially, nationally andinternationally.

Our endeavour is to impart education which looks beyond the frontiers of formal education.It is, in fact, a preparation for lifelong learning. Learning is joyful here, as teachers maketheir lessons very interesting by following various methods of teaching, viz. Demonstration,Experimentation, Project work, Home Assignment, Structure Method, etc. The primarysection with spacious campus, is well equipped with latest teaching aids, educational toysand musical instruments to teach the tiny tots through play-way methods.

While academic excellence is of paramount importance, the students never lose sight of the enduring human values that they are guided by.

Principal's Desk

My valued guests

Greetings to one and all.

It is my unique privilege to address you as the Principal of this esteemed institution founded on faith and nurtured by the co-operation and good will of many people known and unknown to me. The school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is flexible, relevant and meaningful to children so as to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural,intellectual and physical development of each pupil in an environment that is happy, caring and disciplined.

We develop each individual to his/her potential through offering a wide range of high quality experiences by which children develop independent thought. We focus to enhance self-esteem and the ability to value each person’s own worth through a happy, caring,enriching and secure environment.

We are extremely proud of our children, our staff and our school, and hope, that in exploring our website/app, you get a flavour of many aspects of school life and the excellent work of our children, our staff and our parents.





Our faculties

We have with us a team of qualified and experienced teachers,who are the backbone of our school.They treat our students as their own child not as a teacher.They fully suppport our student to bloom from a bud to flower.They help in overall development of the student.

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